Do we need to take global warming seriously?

This weekend we finish our series about Life in These United States.  We have been talking about what everyone is talking about.  I’ve enjoyed this series, though it has made me squirm from time to time!  But  as we conclude this series, we look forward to Advent.  Yes, Advent begins next week.  And during AdventContinue reading “Do we need to take global warming seriously?”

Halloween and Horror…should we be concerned?

What kinds of commercials are you seeing on TV in the very few spots that are not already taken by election commercials? This time of year there are always lots of commercials advertising the latest horror movies.  It’s Halloween season, and they’re trying to scare you.  But why at Halloween?  Have you ever thought aboutContinue reading “Halloween and Horror…should we be concerned?”

A Discussion Guide for Church Leaders and Followers!

A few weeks ago I started creating discussion guides that Faith Church’s small group leaders could use if they wanted to guide their group through a further consideration of a recent sermon.  Last week I introduced the sermon saying that the concept of “majority rules” could be good, but also really bad.  Faith Church isContinue reading “A Discussion Guide for Church Leaders and Followers!”

When Christians should stop inviting people to church

I appreciate a good provocative title.  My wife says if I use them too much, people will become callous to them.  She’s right.  But I really am serious about the title of this blog post.  At first I titled it “WHY Christians should stop inviting people to church.”  But that was a smidge misleading, andContinue reading “When Christians should stop inviting people to church”

Could a church worship service be a bad thing?

Did you have a security blanket as a kid?  Maybe it was a special stuffed animal or a pacifier.  Or did you suck your thumb? I had a blanket as a child.  My own kids had a variety of security items, which got progressively bizarre.  Child #1 carried around a blanket, which we had snuglyContinue reading “Could a church worship service be a bad thing?”

Why we’re getting rid of the word “evangelical” from our church sign

Evangelicals are in the news!  Donald Trump recently met with Evangelical leaders.  I have seen so many articles about Evangelicals and politics these past few weeks.  Some signaling the demise of evangelicalism.  Some talking about the decline of evangelical influence. What in the world is an Evangelical, anyway? We are Faith Evangelical Congregational Church.  WeContinue reading “Why we’re getting rid of the word “evangelical” from our church sign”

What future societies might say about American Christians in 2016

Imagine people 2000 years from now studying Christianity.  What would they say about us?  What is important to us?  They would have to conclude that buildings are very important to us, and what happens in those buildings on Sunday mornings is also very important to us.  Take away the building and Sunday morning, and someContinue reading “What future societies might say about American Christians in 2016”

Angry about taxes or money? How a widow can help!

Last week we looked at Jesus’ comment “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God was is God’s.” How many of you gave money unto “Caesar” this week as you filed your taxes?  Michelle and I did.  It is almost always an agonizing process for me. When I work on taxes, I couldContinue reading “Angry about taxes or money? How a widow can help!”

Getting out of a Lose – Lose Situation

Ever been in a lose-lose situation? They make you feel trapped.  No answer seems good. Mutually Assured Destruction.  You shoot an arsenal of nuclear bombs at me, and I will shoot my arsenal of nuclear bombs at you.  Boom.  Not a good solution. What about other lose-lose situations that are more a part of ourContinue reading “Getting out of a Lose – Lose Situation”

Saying No to invitations

I’ve been invited to a bunch of banquets lately, and interestingly enough they are all great, and they are all on the same weekend, April 21-23.  It is unique that they all ended up at around the same time, but it is not unique to get invited to banquets.  Have you noticed that there areContinue reading “Saying No to invitations”