Was Jesus’ teaching too radical? – Luke 6:27-36

Love your enemies?  Give the shirt off your back?  Give to everyone who asks? Last week I introduced the next section in Jesus’ sermon in Luke 6, the section he starts off famously “Love your enemies.”  Jesus really has some challenging things to say here. Because Jesus’ words are so different from the prevailing truthContinue reading “Was Jesus’ teaching too radical? – Luke 6:27-36”

Show love to ISIS?

A Facebook friend posted an article which included the video below, which is a message to ISIS.  Give it a look and see what you think. How do you feel about that? We continue our study of Jesus’ Words, Works and Way in the Gospel of Luke this Sunday, and we come to another oneContinue reading “Show love to ISIS?”

Why Jesus says the poor are blessed – Luke 6:17-26

We want to be rich. We do not want to be poor. In Luke 6:17-26, however, Jesus takes that normal desire and turns it on its head. He says the poor are blessed, while he says “Woe” to the rich. To understand why in the world he would say that, we need to take aContinue reading “Why Jesus says the poor are blessed – Luke 6:17-26”

Does God want you to be rich? (and healthy?)

Have you ever heard of the Health and Wealth Gospel? It is a view of faith in Christ that has been around a while that basically says “if you are faithful enough to God, he has to bless you with health and wealth.” If you believe enough, he will heal you. If you give enough,Continue reading “Does God want you to be rich? (and healthy?)”

When the world throws crazy at you, put on headphones – Luke 6:12-16

Today we welcome Phil Bartelt as guest blogger!  Phil is a pastor in the EC Church, who, along with his family, are part of the family of Faith Church.  After taking a couple weeks to fast-forward in Luke to the stories of Holy Week, Phil resumed our teaching series through Luke.   With this post PhilContinue reading “When the world throws crazy at you, put on headphones – Luke 6:12-16”

Open your mind to new life – Luke 24

Last week I asked “Is there only bad news in a broken world?” This past Sunday I had some help from the elementary age kids (and some of you older “kids”!) in trying to answer that question.  Becka, our worship leader, drew large a large picture of planet earth, and as I mentioned the badContinue reading “Open your mind to new life – Luke 24”

Is there only bad news and a broken world?

Hearing the bad news coming out of Kenya these past few days has been a sobering reality about our world.  I know that there is tragedy and evil like that pretty much every day of every week, but this one hit home because we have close friends who are missionaries in Kenya, and my sonContinue reading “Is there only bad news and a broken world?”

How quickly we forget – Luke 19:28-44 – Palm Sunday

As I mentioned last week, for me Palm Sunday feels very strange. On one hand, there is rejoicing that the King has come. And that is true. The one and only King is there! They were right to party that day, and so should we! But on the other hand, right in the middle ofContinue reading “How quickly we forget – Luke 19:28-44 – Palm Sunday”