Getting out of a Lose – Lose Situation

Ever been in a lose-lose situation?

They make you feel trapped.  No answer seems good.

Mutually Assured Destruction.  You shoot an arsenal of nuclear bombs at me, and I will shoot my arsenal of nuclear bombs at you.  Boom.  Not a good solution.

What about other lose-lose situations that are more a part of our daily lives?

Maybe a job interview that goes like this:

Employer: “So tell me about your experience in this line of work?”

Applicant: “I don’t have any.  I was hoping to gain experience on the job.”

Employer: “Sorry, you need minimum of three years experience to get the job.”

Applicant: “Well how will I get experience if I can never get a job until I have experience?”

Or it is like the true story I heard of a man who had amassed nearly a million dollars for retirement.  When retirement came he decided to invest some money in stocks.  It was when tech stocks were booming and he sunk $100,000 into what seemed a sure bet.  The tech bubble burst and the price of the stock dropped precipitously.   He was sure it would rebound.  It did not.  Instead it hit new lows.  So he sold the stock for a quarter of his purchase price.  When the stock dropped again, he decided to invest again, thinking the rebound was coming.  It didn’t.  Another $100,000 mostly lost.   But when the stock kept dropping he kept thinking it had finally hit rock bottom, and he would invest with dreams of getting his investment back.  The stock astounded him by dropping every time.  All told he lost $700,000.

There are other ways to describe this:  A no win situation.  A dilemma. A pickle.

Have you ever had to get out of a no-win situation?  Did you have to take a loss?

In our ongoing study of the Life of Jesus through the Gospel of Luke, we have come to his final week. Last week while we fast-forwarded to the resurrection for Easter Sunday, we also rewound to a parable he told of a great banquet.  At that time he was having dinner with a Pharisee and he boldly predicted their demise before God.  The Pharisees didn’t like him for that.  Now back to his final week, and things are coming to a head.  The religious elite, including the Pharisees, are desperate to take him down.  For Jesus it seems like a lose-lose situation.

Check out Luke 20:1-18 and join us at Faith Church on Sunday April 3 to see if Jesus gets out of a lose-lose situation.

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I love my wife, Michelle, and our four kids and two daughters-in-law. I serve at Faith Church and love our church family. I teach a course online from time to time, and in my free time I love to read and exercise, especially running,

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