False Ideas Christians Believe About…Temptation

Author’s Note: It’s been 2+ months since I wrote for this blog, and I’m excited to get back to it. A very busy season of life has finally eased up, and I want to catch up where we left off in the series on False Ideas Christians Believe. In order to speed the catch-up process,Continue reading “False Ideas Christians Believe About…Temptation”

3 reasons bad things happen [False ideas Christians believe about…God’s involvement in our lives. Part 2]

Does everything happen for a reason? Many people believe so, but as we discussed yesterday, sometimes things happen because of the kind of world we live. What do I mean by that? What kind of world do we live in? Our world demonstrates at least the following three tendencies that very much affect why thingsContinue reading “3 reasons bad things happen [False ideas Christians believe about…God’s involvement in our lives. Part 2]”

Avoid the occult [God’s heart for people to find truth, part 2]

As we saw in part 1 of this series on Deuteronomy 18:9-22, God instructs Israel to not dabble in the detestable religious practices of the nations they will encounter when they enter the Promised Land of Canaan.  He lists a bunch of these practices, making it abundantly clear what he is talking about.  The mostContinue reading “Avoid the occult [God’s heart for people to find truth, part 2]”

A story about what happens after people die

What happens after a person dies?  My uncle recently sent me this story, author unknown, that tries to answer that question. On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by theContinue reading “A story about what happens after people die”

Satan did not break my lawn mower

Are any of you suffering?  Any of you going through a hard time? How does it feel?  Lonely, right?  Maybe you feel people just don’t understand.  Or your suffering might be ongoing, and you feel you are a burden to the people around you.  You worry about that, and your worry only compounds the suffering.Continue reading “Satan did not break my lawn mower”

Unmasking Halloween

Last week, I asked “What could be wrong with Halloween?” Well…maybe this: The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that Halloween has “its origins in Samhain, one of the most-sinister festivals on the Celtic calendar. The ancient Celts believed that on November 1 the souls of those who had died returned to visit their homes or to journeyContinue reading “Unmasking Halloween”

Halloween and Horror…should we be concerned?

What kinds of commercials are you seeing on TV in the very few spots that are not already taken by election commercials? This time of year there are always lots of commercials advertising the latest horror movies.  It’s Halloween season, and they’re trying to scare you.  But why at Halloween?  Have you ever thought aboutContinue reading “Halloween and Horror…should we be concerned?”

Ghost Tours & Ghostbusters: Is the Spirit Realm Real? – Luke 8:26-39

We were in the city of Lancaster a few weeks ago in the evening, around 8pm, and we saw a lady dressed in a costume leading a group of about 10 people. It was clear that this was a tour. But what kind of tour would be happening on a Sunday night at 8pm? TheContinue reading “Ghost Tours & Ghostbusters: Is the Spirit Realm Real? – Luke 8:26-39”

How much land does a man need? and other temptations and discontentment

Is there a certain area of your life where you are constantly tempted? I am listening to an audio book this week. It is called How Much Land Does a Man Need? by famed Russian author Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910). Tolstoy is famous for his mammoth works like Anna Karenina or War and Peace, as wellContinue reading “How much land does a man need? and other temptations and discontentment”