That time a military recruiter called me with an amazing proposal

A couple years ago, I got one of those out-of-the blue calls that sounded legit, but also made me very suspicious.  It was from a military recruiter, the Army Reserves to be precise. At the time I was 39 years old.  Not quite the age anymore to be considered for military service.  He explained thatContinue reading “That time a military recruiter called me with an amazing proposal”

That time Jesus said a chicken would save the world – Luke 13:22-35

In this story, Jesus takes a question from the crowd: “Will only a few be saved?” How will he answer? 144,000?  Maybe that’s how many will be saved? Nope, he doesn’t say that.  His answer is a story.  He tells a parable about a man with a house, and the house has a narrow door. Continue reading “That time Jesus said a chicken would save the world – Luke 13:22-35”

Q & A with Jesus – How many will be saved?

Every now and then I get to preach on a passage of Scripture that I’ve covered before.  This coming Sunday is one of those times, as we will study Luke 13:22-35.  Last time it gave me the chance to talk about a guy I’d like to think I know pretty well, Bono, the lead singerContinue reading “Q & A with Jesus – How many will be saved?”

How God’s Kingdom can change the world – Luke 13:10-21

We Christians talk a lot about the Kingdom of God, but what exactly is it?  Just a place people go to in the afterlife?  Heaven?  Jesus often said things “The Kingdom of God is among you, is near, has come.”  What in the world did he mean?  The people in his day often seemed confusedContinue reading “How God’s Kingdom can change the world – Luke 13:10-21”

Have you lost the Christmas (Kingdom) Spirit?

My family loves the movie Elf.  This year we watched the movie version  starring Will Ferrell, and the cartoon version starring Jim Parsons, both to hilarious laughter, though I think most of the family would say they prefer the movie version. The premise of the movie is that a human, named Buddy, is raised byContinue reading “Have you lost the Christmas (Kingdom) Spirit?”

God’s not angry; he wants you to Flourish! Luke 13:1-9

Is God angry?  Yesterday at Faith Church, we looked at Luke 13:1-9, a story where people in the crowd following Jesus mentioned a current event.  Much like we’ve had mass shootings lately, there were actually two awful tragedies that had recently happened in Jesus’ day.  The crowd referred to the Roman leader Pilate who killedContinue reading “God’s not angry; he wants you to Flourish! Luke 13:1-9”

Is God Angry?

Is God angry? Does he want to punish us? A few years ago there were tornadoes that ravaged the middle of the USA. One famous preacher and theologian said that the tornadoes were God scraping his fingers across our country in judgment. Is that what God is like? Is God meticulously controlling the world soContinue reading “Is God Angry?”

How to survive the end of the world – Luke 12:35-59

I’ve written before that I really enjoy the TV show The Walking Dead.  I find it fascinating to see what life might be like in a post-apocalyptic scenario.  Many of us wonder if we would be able to survive without electricity, grocery stores, and indoor plumbing.  How do you think you would do if theContinue reading “How to survive the end of the world – Luke 12:35-59”

Is it impossible to be ready for Jesus?

At Faith Church we have an informal running group, and over the last few years we have done numerous 5ks, two half-marathons, and two marathons together, as well as some races individually. When we are training for the longer runs, one of the guys and I will meet up once or twice a week forContinue reading “Is it impossible to be ready for Jesus?”