Are we living in the end times? – Ezekiel 7, Preview

The end is near!!! Encouraging start to this post, huh?  But have you wondered if the end actually is near?  Have you looked at our world situation, our national situation and wondered if we can last much longer?  If you have, you’re not alone.  I’ve heard people speculate about it a lot lately, especially givenContinue reading “Are we living in the end times? – Ezekiel 7, Preview”

Do we need to take global warming seriously?

This weekend we finish our series about Life in These United States.  We have been talking about what everyone is talking about.  I’ve enjoyed this series, though it has made me squirm from time to time!  But  as we conclude this series, we look forward to Advent.  Yes, Advent begins next week.  And during AdventContinue reading “Do we need to take global warming seriously?”