How God feels about sinners…even the worst ones!

Can God save the worst sinner ever?  Would he want to?  You and I might not feel like the worst sinners ever in history, but we can often feel pretty guilty about our bad choices.  In the middle of the guilt, we wonder, “How does God feel about us when we have screwed up?” AsContinue reading “How God feels about sinners…even the worst ones!”

Who was the worst sinner ever?

Have you committed a sin lately? Might be a question with an obvious answer “Yes!” because we all sin.  Sometimes I hear people say that they sin all the time. Others I’ve heard say they don’t sin much. Whether many times a day or hardly at all, even one sin can have us feeling guilty. Continue reading “Who was the worst sinner ever?”

How to stop the drama in your life

Are you a drama magnet?  A drama queen?  None of us likes to admit it, so maybe I should ask “Has anyone ever told you that you are a drama queen?”  Have you ever looked at your life and thought, “Why does drama seem to follow me around?”  In my post last week, I sharedContinue reading “How to stop the drama in your life”

How to know if you are a drama magnet!

Are you a drama magnet?  Of course not!  No one wants to admit it.  But really, are you? Do you find that your life seems to be filled with drama?  Have you ever considered that all the drama in your life is because you are a drama magnet? What would you family say?  What wouldContinue reading “How to know if you are a drama magnet!”