I am preaching the same sermon four times in a row…thank you Lectionary very much.

I don’t know a whole lot about the history of the Lectionary.  I guess I could at least do a basic search on Wikipedia, but not right now.  Clearly, someone put a lot of time and thought into the selection of passages because they fit well with the Christian calendar. For example, it’s Lent rightContinue reading “I am preaching the same sermon four times in a row…thank you Lectionary very much.”

Returning Prodigals…Discussion

A few days ago we had our second Silent Sunday, and the passage we studied at Faith Church was Luke 15:11-32, traditionally called The Parable of the Prodigal Son.  Because it wouldn’t work to well to have a sermon on Silent Sunday, we had a time of guided reflection, punctuated with 5-minute periods of silenceContinue reading “Returning Prodigals…Discussion”

Returning from prodigal fundamentalism

In the fall 2001, with the disaster of 9/11 still very much turning our national future into a huge question mark, my wife, Michelle, and I felt our personal lives were in a fog as well.  We had just moved back to Pennsylvania after a year of missionary service in Kingston, Jamaica.  Expecting it toContinue reading “Returning from prodigal fundamentalism”

Current events and dead fruit trees

On Sunday we looked at Luke 13:1-9 where Jesus talks with a crowd about some current events, and then he tells them a parable.  Perhaps you might read the verses again to remind yourself of the story. Basically the two parts go like this: Part 1 – In current events, people died, but not becauseContinue reading “Current events and dead fruit trees”

The hope of the world….fertilizer!

I once listened to a very thought-provoking audio book called An Edible History of the World by Tom Standage.   I learned a lot about seeds, food development, and especially fertilizer.  Standage does an excellent job digging through the history and progress of fertilizer.  Many of you have gardens and you know what a wonderful differenceContinue reading “The hope of the world….fertilizer!”