Is America the hope of the world?

About a year ago during his bid to unseat Barack Obama as President of the USA, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, said this. How do you feel about what he said? What I came to learn as I was researching this post, is that Romney was actually quoting Abraham Lincoln.  It was a phrase thatContinue reading “Is America the hope of the world?”

Guest Post: What is the hope of the world?

Today we welcome Brandon Hershey as a guest on the blog.   One of my best friends, Brandon and I go on long distance runs together, and he always wins!  He and his wife, Kristen, have a daughter, Mya.  Professionally, Brandon teaches high school English. For the past six years he has been Faith Church’s MinistryContinue reading “Guest Post: What is the hope of the world?”

Guest Post: Why We Tell Our Stories

Today’s guest post is once again written by Lisa Bartelt as a follow-up to last week’s post.  We thank Lisa and her husband Phil for sharing their lives with us!   The past two Sundays at Faith Church, we’ve shared stories of restoration. Personal stories from the teaching team of how God has taken broken,Continue reading “Guest Post: Why We Tell Our Stories”

Guest Post: Origin stories, superheroes and what defines us

Today’s guest post comes to us from Lisa Bartelt whose blog Living Echoes chronicles her journey as a wife, mother of two, writer and avid reader.  The Bartelts moved to Lancaster a few months ago, and have quickly become part of the family of Faith Church.  Lisa’s husband, Phil, is an EC Pastor and partContinue reading “Guest Post: Origin stories, superheroes and what defines us”

Stories of Restoration, Part 1 – Joel & Michelle

When I started as pastor of Faith Church, I remember standing before the congregation most Sundays thinking to myself, Look at all those smiling faces, those well-dressed people.  They don’t need to hear this sermon.  My feeling has long been described by the phrase “you’re preaching to the choir”. Five years has passed, and myContinue reading “Stories of Restoration, Part 1 – Joel & Michelle”

Ever feel like you need restoration?

Ever have that feeling that things are not right? That life is harder than it should be? Ever think about how Jesus said that he came that we might have abundant life?  Life to the full?  And then have you felt like your life is not exactly feeling abundant? Maybe it’s the stress of ourContinue reading “Ever feel like you need restoration?”

Follow Up to Church Has Left The Building…Again

We did it again! Instead of having a worship service, we worshipped by serving: Washing the East Lampeter police department’s vehicles Two groups visiting shut-ins, bringing the worship service to them! Planting trees at East Lampeter Community park Cleaning up the entrance to Smoketown elementary school Childcare Helping neighbors with yard work Cleaning up theContinue reading “Follow Up to Church Has Left The Building…Again”

This Church Will Leave The Building…Again!

One year ago we displayed a phrase on our church sign: “This Church Will Leave The Building, October 7th”. While we wanted to put a teaser out there to the community, we had no idea that short message would create such a stir.  Neighbors asked us what was happening.  The local police department stopped byContinue reading “This Church Will Leave The Building…Again!”

Follow up to “Frustrated with Outreach?”

Outreach. The word itself is a picture, an out-stretched set of arms with a hand ready to help a person in need. In the summer of 2005 we took a group of students and adults to Kingston, Jamaica, where we had previously lived/served in 2000-2001.  It was wonderful to be back, renew friendships, help aContinue reading “Follow up to “Frustrated with Outreach?””