How to find fulfillment from that inner empty feeling

It is hard to be satisfied deep within.  Psychologists call this the empty self.  There is within most of us a dissatisfaction.  We seek to fill that with consumer goods or with food, hobbies, vacations or thrills.  Sometimes we seek to fill that inner longing with addictive behaviors. We can also seek fulfillment by accomplishingContinue reading “How to find fulfillment from that inner empty feeling”

Saying No to invitations

I’ve been invited to a bunch of banquets lately, and interestingly enough they are all great, and they are all on the same weekend, April 21-23.  It is unique that they all ended up at around the same time, but it is not unique to get invited to banquets.  Have you noticed that there areContinue reading “Saying No to invitations”