Jesus’ very difficult question – Luke 6:46-49

We so often call ourselves Christians. We look at that as our core identity. We see it as what we truly believe, and we bank on those beliefs as what will get us to heaven when we die. But are we doing what Jesus said we should do? I am asking the question because JesusContinue reading “Jesus’ very difficult question – Luke 6:46-49”

How to be wise or foolish

You remember that children’s song “the wise man built his house upon on the rock”? It is a classic that small children learn in Sunday School, but when you think about it, it’s kinda scary actually. Especially when you think about some of the major tragedies in the last decade or so. The song talksContinue reading “How to be wise or foolish”

Church Has Left The Building recap

On Sunday May 17, Faith Church left it’s building!  It was an incredible morning.  My group (below) went to Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services, the local social services organization started by area churches to provide free food and clothing to residents in need.  It is an awesome place sharing love in the name of Jesus. Continue reading “Church Has Left The Building recap”

How to change a foul mouth to a good one – Luke 6:43-45

Do you have a foul mouth? Has it ever gotten you into trouble? Have you wished you could change? In our ongoing study of Luke, this past Sunday we looked at Luke 6:43-45 where Jesus mentions “out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. All of us have times when we have allowedContinue reading “How to change a foul mouth to a good one – Luke 6:43-45”

How to kill a tree

Have you ever cut down a tree or bush, but it kept growing back shoots?  My father-in-law is a wood-cutting master, and he and a friend helped us cut down a tree a couple years ago at my house, and we left a stump about two feet high. That thing grows little bush-like branches allContinue reading “How to kill a tree”

How to transform an over-opinionated, judgmental spirit? THE 10th MAN! – Luke 6:37-42

Last week I introduced Jesus’ next crazy Upside-Down Kingdom teaching.  Simply put, he gave us two negatives that should be transformed into to two positives. “Do not judge and do not condemn” should change to “forgive and give.” Instead of being negative-minded about people, we need to be generous toward them, forgiving them. So inContinue reading “How to transform an over-opinionated, judgmental spirit? THE 10th MAN! – Luke 6:37-42”

Are you opinionated?

Opinions. We have lots of them, don’t we? Some of us seem to have more opinions than others! Have you ever thought of that? Why do some people have more opinions than others? And why do some people have strong opinions while others have weak opinions?   Some people seem to have strong opinions about almostContinue reading “Are you opinionated?”