Have you ever had people think you’re crazy because of your faith?

When was the last time you demonstrated faith in God that caused people to shake their heads in disbelief? I’m talking about reckless faith. The kind of faith that people say is stupid. Faith that seems unwise. Faith that upsets society’s conventions. Faith that almost seems wrong. Have you demonstrated faith in God like that?Continue reading “Have you ever had people think you’re crazy because of your faith?”

How to start following Jesus – Luke 5:1-11

Last week we saw how Jesus nearly sunk some fishermen’s boats with a miracle haul of fish.  They were astonished, after a long night of unsuccessfully catching fish. In the brief conversation that Luke records right after this moment, I believe there are four components that are vital for churches that want to make disciplesContinue reading “How to start following Jesus – Luke 5:1-11”

When churches don’t make disciples

“If you make disciples, you always get the church.  But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples.”  – Mike Breen What do you think about that quote?  Is it right? The first part I think most Christians would agree with.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Disciples are followers of Jesus, and when you have aContinue reading “When churches don’t make disciples”

(Re)Discovering Jesus – Luke 4:31-44

When’s the last time you were amazed by Jesus? When is the last time you were excited about him? Put together, Luke’s story of Jesus’ early ministry in Capernaum, his authoritative teaching, his exorcism of demons, his healing of Peter’s mother-in-law, and all the other healing and preaching he did there, demonstrate the authority andContinue reading “(Re)Discovering Jesus – Luke 4:31-44”

What do you think about Jesus?

What is the first word or image that comes to your mind when you think of Jesus? The crucifixion, resurrection, his birth? Miracles? A guy with long brown hair, beard, chiseled face, wearing white robes and sandals? When is the last time you thought about Jesus? Writers Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet, in their bookContinue reading “What do you think about Jesus?”

What if Jesus turns out to be someone we don’t like? – Luke 4:14-30

What if Jesus turns out to be someone we don’t like? In Luke 4:14-30 we read about how Jesus, having just started his preaching ministry, returns to his hometown.  Kinda like the singing competition TV shows.  When they get near the final round, they send the remaining contestants home with a film crew to adoringContinue reading “What if Jesus turns out to be someone we don’t like? – Luke 4:14-30”