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Church as CAUSE or EFFECT? What do you think?

20 Sep
“Effective discipleship builds the church, not the other way around. We need to understand the church as the EFFECT of discipleship and not the CAUSE. If you set out to build the church, there is no guarantee you will make disciples. It is far more likely that you will creat consumers who depend on the spiritual services that religious professionals provide.” — Building a Discipling Culture, Breen. p. 12


14 Sep

Is it possible that detours are actually good things?  Do any of you actually look forward to detours?  Does anyone have a great story about a detour  that surprised you by being wonderful?

Are we allowed to not have a worship service on Sunday and instead worship by serving the community?

7 Sep

As you may have already heard, we are taking the month of September to prepare ourselves spiritually for The Church Has Left The Building on October 7th.  So we’re pausing our Minor Prophets sermon series, and we’re learning from some events in the life of Jesus, primarily in the Gospel of Luke.

First and foremost we need to answer: are we even allowed to do this?  What about Sabbath?  And in particular, what about not working on the Sabbath?  These are important questions.  What is so interesting is that the Pharisees asked the same questions of Jesus.  Jesus response is very surprising and informative.

I would love for us to discuss it further, if any of you would like to.