Getting out of a Lose – Lose Situation

Ever been in a lose-lose situation? They make you feel trapped.  No answer seems good. Mutually Assured Destruction.  You shoot an arsenal of nuclear bombs at me, and I will shoot my arsenal of nuclear bombs at you.  Boom.  Not a good solution. What about other lose-lose situations that are more a part of ourContinue reading “Getting out of a Lose – Lose Situation”

How to find fulfillment from that inner empty feeling

It is hard to be satisfied deep within.  Psychologists call this the empty self.  There is within most of us a dissatisfaction.  We seek to fill that with consumer goods or with food, hobbies, vacations or thrills.  Sometimes we seek to fill that inner longing with addictive behaviors. We can also seek fulfillment by accomplishingContinue reading “How to find fulfillment from that inner empty feeling”

Saying No to invitations

I’ve been invited to a bunch of banquets lately, and interestingly enough they are all great, and they are all on the same weekend, April 21-23.  It is unique that they all ended up at around the same time, but it is not unique to get invited to banquets.  Have you noticed that there areContinue reading “Saying No to invitations”

4 Reasons Palm Sunday is Really Weird – Luke 19:28-48

Amid the boisterous singing, palm branch waving, and hosanna shouting, Palm Sunday is actually really strange.  Yesterday we took a look at Luke’s account of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry on the original Palm Sunday, which you can read about in Luke 19:28-48, and we found four odd elements of this famous story: a king riding aContinue reading “4 Reasons Palm Sunday is Really Weird – Luke 19:28-48”

The time I caused my wife to miss a great opportunity

If someone offered you a free trip to the Olympics, including lodging, meals and tickets to a week’s worth of Olympic events, would you take it? This coming summer the Olympics will take place in Rio, Brazil, and I suspect many of you would jump at the chance!  While I’ve never been there, I’ve heardContinue reading “The time I caused my wife to miss a great opportunity”

What’s holding you back from following Jesus? Luke 18:18-43

Sometimes choices are hard to make.  I talked about that last week, referring to Luke 18:18-43.  In that story, Jesus met a guy and asked him to make a very hard choice.  This guy wanted to follow Jesus.  He had a bunch of money, and Jesus told him “sell everything you have, give it toContinue reading “What’s holding you back from following Jesus? Luke 18:18-43”

Choice matters

Have you had to make any major choices lately in your life? It could be a major purchase like a car or a house. It could relate to moving. Could be a job change. It could be about how to handle a relationship, about getting closer to someone or maybe about putting some distance betweenContinue reading “Choice matters”