How to turn Christmas upside-down

This Advent we are going to turn Christmas upside-down!  Will you join us? By now we hope you’ve heard a bit about The Advent Conspiracy, but have you picked up your copy of the book yet?  Advent begins on December 1st, so there is still time. The Advent Conspiracy is a very easy-to-read practical bookContinue reading “How to turn Christmas upside-down”

Follow-up to Not Feeling Thankful on Thanksgiving

It was wonderful to sing songs of thanksgiving to God this past Sunday.  Great to celebrate communion together, to give thanks (which is the meaning of the word eucharist) to the Lord for his amazing gift of love to us.  It was also great to talk more about growing the discipline of thanksgiving at sermonContinue reading “Follow-up to Not Feeling Thankful on Thanksgiving”

On not feeling thankful during Thanksgiving

I found this quote that made me wonder how you might be thinking during this season of Thanksgiving. There are plenty of people who don’t feel thankful at Thanksgiving.  Life is very hard.  Maybe you’re one of those people who is struggling.  Know that you’re not alone, and there is hope! Sometime you might considerContinue reading “On not feeling thankful during Thanksgiving”

What does it mean to be made in the image of God?

With this Sunday, two months of many guest teachers comes to a close.  I have enjoyed it immensely, and I hope you have as well.  This Sunday our worship leader, Becka Beard, is preaching on the image of God. The image of God has been a hotly debated topic in the church for centuries.  WhatContinue reading “What does it mean to be made in the image of God?”

Who Can Satisfy Our Souls? – A Japanese Worship song

Yesterday at Faith Church we had a special treat as Yoriyoshi and Emiko Abe visited, encouraging through the preaching of the Word and leading us in worship.  Yoriyoshi told us how the Lord worked in his life, tying that in with the wonderful words found in Isaiah 55:1-3. Emiko closed the sermon by leading usContinue reading “Who Can Satisfy Our Souls? – A Japanese Worship song”

What satisfies you? (…a message from Japan!)

This Sunday we welcome Yoriyoshi and Emiko Abe from Japan! I first met Yoriyoshi about ten years ago when he visited Lancaster, considering studying at the Bible College.  That ultimately didn’t happen, but in recent years the Lord brought him to Myerstown to study at our seminary. Yoriyoshi’s family has a long-time history with theContinue reading “What satisfies you? (…a message from Japan!)”

Multiple worship services ARE of the devil!

Yes, having multiple worship services are of the devil…if we let them be. Let me explain. It is very interesting how we go through life and end up changing our minds about things. For example, how did I go from this to this?  If you don’t want to fully read those two blog posts, here’sContinue reading “Multiple worship services ARE of the devil!”

Could starting an additional worship service be of the devil?

Well, could it?  People have wondered this. We started an 8am worship service a few months ago, in addition to our 9:30am service.  We did not need to have another worship because lack of space necessitated it.  We have plenty of room in our sanctuary for our current attendance on Sundays. People wondered if startingContinue reading “Could starting an additional worship service be of the devil?”