Do you really know God? Titus 2:11-15, Part 2

As we continue studying Titus 2:11-15, Paul says that salvation has appeared to all.  “Appeared” is the Greek word where we get our English word, “epiphany.”  Epiphany gives us the idea of light appearing in the darkness, like at sunrise.  Here “epiphany” refers to God’s grace like a new light of truth in Christ appearingContinue reading “Do you really know God? Titus 2:11-15, Part 2”

How to access God’s power for your life

Don’t you hate it when the batteries are dead?  I pull out my cordless drill to work on something, and there is no power.  Thankfully, my drill came with a second battery, so I swap them out, and I find that they second one is dead too. Ever dealt with that? So frustrating, right?  Powerlessness. PowerContinue reading “How to access God’s power for your life”

He is risen? Really? So what?

“He is risen!  He is risen indeed!” This is the call and response that we use on Easter Sunday.  But this Sunday is not Easter Sunday.  That was two months ago.  This Sunday we’re revisiting Easter again.  Why? In the book of Acts we learn that the earliest Christians decided to meet on Sundays becauseContinue reading “He is risen? Really? So what?”

Saying No to invitations

I’ve been invited to a bunch of banquets lately, and interestingly enough they are all great, and they are all on the same weekend, April 21-23.  It is unique that they all ended up at around the same time, but it is not unique to get invited to banquets.  Have you noticed that there areContinue reading “Saying No to invitations”

Open your mind to new life – Luke 24

Last week I asked “Is there only bad news in a broken world?” This past Sunday I had some help from the elementary age kids (and some of you older “kids”!) in trying to answer that question.  Becka, our worship leader, drew large a large picture of planet earth, and as I mentioned the badContinue reading “Open your mind to new life – Luke 24”

Is there only bad news and a broken world?

Hearing the bad news coming out of Kenya these past few days has been a sobering reality about our world.  I know that there is tragedy and evil like that pretty much every day of every week, but this one hit home because we have close friends who are missionaries in Kenya, and my sonContinue reading “Is there only bad news and a broken world?”

Resurrection NOW

In 2nd Corinthians 5:17, Paul writes to the Christians in the Roman city of Corinth: “If anyone is in Christ, he is new creation. The old has gone, the new has come.”  What he means is what I said in last week’s sermon intro post: we can be, and in fact we need to be,Continue reading “Resurrection NOW”

Pie in the Sky…and other half-baked resurrection ideas

“Pie in the sky…in the great by and by.” “Eternal life.” “Pearly gates and streets of gold.” What does resurrection bring to your mind? Here’s another phrase to consider: “You’re so heavenly-minded, you’re of no earthly good.”  Are you? Could your understanding of the resurrection have misled you to be so heavenly-minded, you’re of noContinue reading “Pie in the Sky…and other half-baked resurrection ideas”