Unmasking Halloween

Last week, I asked “What could be wrong with Halloween?” Well…maybe this: The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that Halloween has “its origins in Samhain, one of the most-sinister festivals on the Celtic calendar. The ancient Celts believed that on November 1 the souls of those who had died returned to visit their homes or to journeyContinue reading “Unmasking Halloween”

Halloween and Horror…should we be concerned?

What kinds of commercials are you seeing on TV in the very few spots that are not already taken by election commercials? This time of year there are always lots of commercials advertising the latest horror movies.  It’s Halloween season, and they’re trying to scare you.  But why at Halloween?  Have you ever thought aboutContinue reading “Halloween and Horror…should we be concerned?”

What Christians should do on election day (and a Christian approach to government)

What should Christians do on voting day? Vote. That may seem simple.  But before we assume that is the only obvious answer, let’s ask another question: to vote or not to vote?  Is it ever wrong to not vote?  Many frustrated people have said that they are not going to vote.  Many do not. ThisContinue reading “What Christians should do on election day (and a Christian approach to government)”

Why I’m talking about the election this Sunday

This may be the most stupid preaching decision I’ve ever made.  This coming Sunday as we continue our series, Life in These United States, I’m talking about government.  And with only a few weeks left until our general election, I need to talk about politics.  My tag line for the sermon series has been “We’reContinue reading “Why I’m talking about the election this Sunday”

Do you parents feel like going on strike?

Sometimes we parents feel like we need a break.  We can feel exhausted, frustrated, and like we want to go on strike.  In 2004, the parents in the picture above did just that.  You can read all about it here.  Parenting can be hard.  Do you feel like parenting can drive you crazy?  That whileContinue reading “Do you parents feel like going on strike?”