Is there hope during these dark days of Christmas 2016?

Just in the news on Monday 12/19/16: The Chinese Navy intercepts a US Navy underwater drone. A Turkish man assassinates a Russian Ambassador. A man drives a truck into a Berlin, Germany, Church Christmas market killing 12, injuring dozens more. The American Electoral College elects Donald Trump president, a candidate whose major proposals included buildingContinue reading “Is there hope during these dark days of Christmas 2016?”

If you God gave you one wish… (or what to do when you feel God is distant)

If God came to you saying “I’ll give you anything,” what would you ask for?  In our study of prophecies of the Messiah from Isaiah, we come to Isaiah 7, and God does something that highly unusual. In Isaiah 7:10-12, God gives the Judean King Ahaz the opportunity to request a sign.  And not justContinue reading “If you God gave you one wish… (or what to do when you feel God is distant)”

Church signs and a God who can feel very distant

How do you feel about the messages that churches place on signs?  Just google “stupid church signs” and get ready for a groan fest.  On second thought, don’t google that.  If you already did, I’m sorry for even suggesting it.  I just spend ten minutes looking at them, and I wish I hadn’t. As youContinue reading “Church signs and a God who can feel very distant”

How to survive the holiday blues

Are you feeling low this Christmas?  Though there are Christmas lights everywhere, does your life feel like a dark place? In the sermon intro blog post, I introduced a story in the history of the Israelite nation of Judea.  At the time, Hezekiah was King, and he was trapped inside the Judean capital city, Jerusalem. Continue reading “How to survive the holiday blues”

Feeling low this Christmas?

Fear.  Sadness.  Longing.  Disappointment.  Loneliness. Are you feeling any of these emotions lately? It seems like the world can be a dark place.  Even at this most joyous time of the year, we can feel low.  As we look around our lives, our culture, and our planet, we can have a distinct impression that thingsContinue reading “Feeling low this Christmas?”

Life’s not fair, and Jesus is not at all OK with that

Do you ever feel like the world is not fair? Think about it.  There are the powerful and the powerless.  The predator and the prey.  The lion and the mouse.  This clip illustrates not just the lack of fairness in the animal kingdom, but the disadvantage in our society as well.  Those born into privilegeContinue reading “Life’s not fair, and Jesus is not at all OK with that”