How to get out of a spiritual rut – Luke 9:37-45

I asked last week in the intro post if you might be blinded by your assumptions about God.  Sometimes we can get stuck in spiritual rut, and in that rut we can’t see God for who he really is. In the passage we studied this past Sunday, Luke 9:37-45, the disciples were stuck.  The nineContinue reading “How to get out of a spiritual rut – Luke 9:37-45”

Blinded by our assumptions about God?

Sometimes we get so stuck in a way of seeing things, that we can’t see them any other way. Check out this clip for a recent example of how stuck we can get: See that? People were given a phone from 8 years ago, told that it was the newest version of the phone, andContinue reading “Blinded by our assumptions about God?”

Does God Still Speak?

Have you ever been in the middle of a difficult time, and you were agonizing over what to do, how to think, and you prayed “God, I wish you would just break out of the heavens and tell me what to do!” If you’ve ever thought something like that, you are not alone. Most ofContinue reading “Does God Still Speak?”

Are you infected with MTD? – Luke 9:18-27

Many are infected and don’t know it.  The virus is MTD.  What is MTD?  Read on to find out, and how Jesus responds to MTD.  After allowing Peter to answer the question “Who do you say that I am?” with the words “You are the Christ/Messiah of God”, Jesus goes on to say two veryContinue reading “Are you infected with MTD? – Luke 9:18-27”

Who is Jesus, really?

After some arduous ministry, finally Jesus and the disciples got that vacation they were so longing for in the last section. Luke tells us that Jesus is in prayer, and the disciples are with him. He stops praying, turns and asks them: “Who do the people say that I am?” I suspect Jesus he hasContinue reading “Who is Jesus, really?”