Guest Post: Responding to Jesus’ Name

((This weekend we welcome Phil Bartelt once again to Faith Church.  Here’s some thoughts that Phil shared to help prepare for worship tomorrow.)) Philippians 2:9-11 tells us there is an appropriate response to Jesus’ name. Here is a poem that may help us as we prepare to explore our response. Let not my humble presence affrontContinue reading “Guest Post: Responding to Jesus’ Name”

Why our church prayer meeting tripled in attendance this week

We normally have 8-10 faithful pray-ers at the Faith Church prayer meeting each Wednesday evening.  This week we had 27. On Sunday night, a lady in our church family, who lives just a few doors down the road from the church building, was walking to a Bible study Christmas party, and she was struck byContinue reading “Why our church prayer meeting tripled in attendance this week”

Prophecies That Were Actually Fulfilled

As we get closer to 12-21, the date the world will end based on a Mayan calendar (I know…they might have misinterpreted it…), we’re going to hear more and more about prophecies.  Last year it was Harold Camping’s rapture date, and then the other one too.  Or was that two years ago?  I really don’tContinue reading “Prophecies That Were Actually Fulfilled”