How to survive the end of the world – Luke 12:35-59

I’ve written before that I really enjoy the TV show The Walking Dead.  I find it fascinating to see what life might be like in a post-apocalyptic scenario.  Many of us wonder if we would be able to survive without electricity, grocery stores, and indoor plumbing.  How do you think you would do if theContinue reading “How to survive the end of the world – Luke 12:35-59”

Is it impossible to be ready for Jesus?

At Faith Church we have an informal running group, and over the last few years we have done numerous 5ks, two half-marathons, and two marathons together, as well as some races individually. When we are training for the longer runs, one of the guys and I will meet up once or twice a week forContinue reading “Is it impossible to be ready for Jesus?”