What happens after death? (Will God be fair?)

Is God unfair?  That’s the question I asked yesterday.  I bring it up because Solus Christus, the fourth of the Five Solas that we are studying this week, very much has a bearing on how we might view this difficult theological situation. If salvation is in Christ alone, by grace through faith, then doesn’t thatContinue reading “What happens after death? (Will God be fair?)”

Q & A with Jesus – How many will be saved?

Every now and then I get to preach on a passage of Scripture that I’ve covered before.  This coming Sunday is one of those times, as we will study Luke 13:22-35.  Last time it gave me the chance to talk about a guy I’d like to think I know pretty well, Bono, the lead singerContinue reading “Q & A with Jesus – How many will be saved?”