Practical suggestions to help you pray

This winter/spring I read an amazing book on prayer I wish I had come across years ago.  It is called Prayer: Conversing with God by a missionary named Rosalind Rinker.  She first published it in 1959, but it is so relevant.  Could have been written yesterday.  Easily one of the best books on prayer I’veContinue reading “Practical suggestions to help you pray”

How the church has gotten in the way of God’s Kingdom…and what to do about it.

The subtitle of author Reggie McNeal’s book Kingdom Come, is compelling: “why we must give up our obsession with fixing the church—and what we should do instead”.  That grabbed me!  In the book, he tells the story of when he was at a conference for pastors and said this:  “We’ve been working at fixing theContinue reading “How the church has gotten in the way of God’s Kingdom…and what to do about it.”

How God’s Kingdom can change the world – Luke 13:10-21

We Christians talk a lot about the Kingdom of God, but what exactly is it?  Just a place people go to in the afterlife?  Heaven?  Jesus often said things “The Kingdom of God is among you, is near, has come.”  What in the world did he mean?  The people in his day often seemed confusedContinue reading “How God’s Kingdom can change the world – Luke 13:10-21”

How the Lord’s Prayer Matters – Luke 11:1-13

Can you recite the Lord’s Prayer?  Go ahead, give it a try…”Our Father…” Need a hint?  Click here. How did you do? How long has it been since you recited it?  Maybe you recite the prayer often.  Or maybe your church worship uses the prayer weekly? What does the Lord’s Prayer matter?  Are we supposedContinue reading “How the Lord’s Prayer Matters – Luke 11:1-13”