God’s not angry; he wants you to Flourish! Luke 13:1-9

Is God angry?  Yesterday at Faith Church, we looked at Luke 13:1-9, a story where people in the crowd following Jesus mentioned a current event.  Much like we’ve had mass shootings lately, there were actually two awful tragedies that had recently happened in Jesus’ day.  The crowd referred to the Roman leader Pilate who killedContinue reading “God’s not angry; he wants you to Flourish! Luke 13:1-9”

Is God Angry?

Is God angry? Does he want to punish us? A few years ago there were tornadoes that ravaged the middle of the USA. One famous preacher and theologian said that the tornadoes were God scraping his fingers across our country in judgment. Is that what God is like? Is God meticulously controlling the world soContinue reading “Is God Angry?”