False Ideas Christians Believe About…Salvation

What happens when we die? Is there a way to know? In this post we are fact-checking phrases about salvation and the afterlife: We’re all God’s children. We need people to pray the Sinners’ Prayer. Jesus wants to live in your heart. I’m so sorry for your loss. Heaven must have needed another angel. First,Continue reading “False Ideas Christians Believe About…Salvation”

An attempt to explain the Apostle’s Creed phrase “he descended into hell” and why it matters

“He descended into hell”? Jesus did what? Remember that phrase from the Apostle’s Creed? As I said in my first post on 1 Peter 3:18-22, could this be the passage from which the Apostle’s Creed bases its phrase, “he descended into hell”? That’s what I thought when I read 1 Peter 3:18-22.  See for yourself. Continue reading “An attempt to explain the Apostle’s Creed phrase “he descended into hell” and why it matters”

Can a mysterious Bible passage help those feeling defeated in life?

Are there any areas of life where you just feel defeated?  Work?  Parenting?  A relationship?  Finances? Health? Think about the last few weeks or months.  How has it been?  Do you ever feel like the waters are rising up around you?  Like you are drowning? Sometimes I think life can be a journey in managingContinue reading “Can a mysterious Bible passage help those feeling defeated in life?”

A story about what happens after people die

What happens after a person dies?  My uncle recently sent me this story, author unknown, that tries to answer that question. On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big old pecan tree just inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of nuts and sat down by theContinue reading “A story about what happens after people die”

What happens after death? (Will God be fair?)

Is God unfair?  That’s the question I asked yesterday.  I bring it up because Solus Christus, the fourth of the Five Solas that we are studying this week, very much has a bearing on how we might view this difficult theological situation. If salvation is in Christ alone, by grace through faith, then doesn’t thatContinue reading “What happens after death? (Will God be fair?)”

Jesus’ bizarre depiction of heaven and hell – Luke 16:19-31

Do pastors lie at funerals?  Though we sound confident, usually that the deceased is in heaven, do we really know that?  You can read my thoughts on that in the intro post.  The question I asked in that post is: “So, what happens when we die?  Is it possible that we can know now whatContinue reading “Jesus’ bizarre depiction of heaven and hell – Luke 16:19-31”

Why pastors lie at funerals

Funerals are a place where we pastors can be guilty of lying…a lot. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself.  So this is my confession: how to do I lie at funerals?  I almost always talk about the person who passed away as definitely being in heaven.  As if there is no question about their eternalContinue reading “Why pastors lie at funerals”

Q & A with Jesus – How many will be saved?

Every now and then I get to preach on a passage of Scripture that I’ve covered before.  This coming Sunday is one of those times, as we will study Luke 13:22-35.  Last time it gave me the chance to talk about a guy I’d like to think I know pretty well, Bono, the lead singerContinue reading “Q & A with Jesus – How many will be saved?”