We really need grace

Do you or anyone you know go by a nickname?  I love the band U2, and both the lead singer Bono and lead guitarist, The Edge, go by the nicknames.  Bono has said on numerous occasions that even The Edge’s mom calls him “The Edge”. But I wonder how many people with a nickname referContinue reading “We really need grace”

What is a song of ascent? (the next U2 album?)

For years the rock band U2 has been hinting that they are going to release an album called Songs of Ascent. What might “Songs of Ascent” refer to?  Why would U2 think of that title? As the years went by, U2 changed directions a bit, first releasing an album called Songs of Innocence, and justContinue reading “What is a song of ascent? (the next U2 album?)”

How to have a good relationship with money – Part 2: Be Rich Toward God – Luke 12:13-21

      How is your relationship with money? I wrote this question on the welcome board in our church lobby.  We always have a question of the day, hoping to get people thinking as they walk in for worship.  As I conversed with one person yesterday, we started joking: “My relationship with money?  WeContinue reading “How to have a good relationship with money – Part 2: Be Rich Toward God – Luke 12:13-21”

Saying “NO!” to yourself

It is one of the hardest things to do.  When there is chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream in our freezer, it is nearly impossible. When U2 releases a new album, it basically IS impossible. What is it? Self-control. Patience.  Two of the most difficult words in the English language.  How many of you struggleContinue reading “Saying “NO!” to yourself”