Are Christians in America being oppressed?

This week we are studying 1 Peter 3:13-17.  As you turn there, remember that the backdrop of this letter is that the Christians were being persecuted for their faith. You might remember three months ago when we started this series, I talked about the situation that these Christians found themselves in.  They were being persecuted. Continue reading “Are Christians in America being oppressed?”

Reflections on perseverance in difficult times

This week, I’ve been reflecting on suffering and salvation from 1 Peter 1:6-12. In verses 10-12 Peter takes a moment to talk about this salvation.  He says that prophets in past spoke of this salvation.  The Spirit of God, he said, was at work in these prophets.  In verse 11 the Spirit of Christ inContinue reading “Reflections on perseverance in difficult times”

Satan did not break my lawn mower

Are any of you suffering?  Any of you going through a hard time? How does it feel?  Lonely, right?  Maybe you feel people just don’t understand.  Or your suffering might be ongoing, and you feel you are a burden to the people around you.  You worry about that, and your worry only compounds the suffering.Continue reading “Satan did not break my lawn mower”

We really need grace

Do you or anyone you know go by a nickname?  I love the band U2, and both the lead singer Bono and lead guitarist, The Edge, go by the nicknames.  Bono has said on numerous occasions that even The Edge’s mom calls him “The Edge”. But I wonder how many people with a nickname referContinue reading “We really need grace”