Saying “NO!” to yourself

It is one of the hardest things to do. 

When there is chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream in our freezer, it is nearly impossible.

When U2 releases a new album, it basically IS impossible.

What is it?

Self-control. Patience.  Two of the most difficult words in the English language.  How many of you struggle with them?  Every couple weeks for the last two years I have been trolling the internet for hints and clues of when U2 is finally going to release their next album.  Why is it taking so long?  They are notoriously, maddeningly slow in releasing new stuff.  It’s looking really good (see pie chart).

Then there is the peanut butter cup ice cream, made by Turkey Hill.  I’ve had others which are good, but nothing compares to Turkey Hill’s version.  We almost need a special locking freezer to keep it from disappearing in one night, with the raging metabolisms in our house.  My wife bought some last night for our small group which is coming over tonight, and she had to give a stern warning about not touching the ice cream.  I wonder if it worked…  She had to leave the house today for a few hours, and I am at the office.  There’s no telling the power of Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

So as we prepare to study self-control and patience, how about you?  Can you say “No!” to yourself?  What areas are hardest for you to have self-control and patience?

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I love my wife, Michelle, and our four kids and two daughters-in-law. I serve at Faith Church and love our church family. I teach a course online from time to time, and in my free time I love to read and exercise, especially running,

5 thoughts on “Saying “NO!” to yourself

  1. Since you posted this blog a day ago, I have taken the time to really think about it. I have always thought of myself as a patient person. But I do think that over time the meaning has changed. Most people believe it means the ability to wait, however I believe it is the ability to stay positive while waiting. That’s when I think we all can fail at times. And now allowing God into our lives, I believe that Patience/Faith can tie into one another. If we have Faith( Total trust in the Lord) then our patience should be with a positive attitude. (Hope I’m making some sort of sense) So now having those thoughts, patience can be difficult. I think that’s why it is so easy to always say YES, because we want fulfillment, immediate satisfaction, and waiting is hard. But I also know now, that our God being a faithful God he knows when something should happen or shouldn’t. And he knows what is best for us. So I really feel here again, it’s all about trusting in God in all ways. And I most certainly have trouble saying NO. Thinking about it, there are a few things I can’t resist. Chocolate is a minor one. However if someone offers, I most likely can’t say NO!

    Just some thoughts here, hope I didn’t ramble. Just really enjoy the thought processes when reading and responding to the blogs. Guess I will know your thoughts tomorrow!

  2. I just journaled about this very thing on 8/30. And today I am trying to blog. And I don’t want to write about this topic. Because I fail and fail and fail. My thing is food too – usually cookie dough ice cream, but not always – it’s so ridiculous it’s embarrassing. It’s also hard to express the validity of the hold it has on me and how much I obsess over food because I am thin (ish). People just think I’m being ridiculous. But the physical is not the point here. It is that I have an idol in food – my desire is winning out every day. And it’s not even the food that is the idol, it is the EATING of the food – I am not a pig unless I am alone – then I’m a glutton. I can eat till I’m sick. I haven’t read your follow up yet.

    1. I hear you JJ. Now in the height of marathon training, I can eat pretty much anything I want. I have to admit that is part of the joy of training this hard. Yet like you said, I have to be very careful about my underlying attitude toward food, especially the habit of overindulgence.

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