How to talk about God (and how not to)

A friend of mine was at Park City, the big mall here in Lancaster, at a department store jewelry counter.  Just down the counter stood a couple girls looking at crosses.  One of them wanted to get a cross necklace.  My friend overheard one girl say to the other, “Oh look, this one has aContinue reading “How to talk about God (and how not to)”

Mug, Magazine, Brochure, CDs – The Monday Messy Office Report – May 12, 2014

My Friday tidy office is mysteriously messy on Monday.  Here’s what I found: 1. Coffee mug half filled with coffee. I have a suspicion about why this was on my counter because it looked a lot like the half-filled cups of coffee that are frequently on our kitchen counters at home… 2. Books & Culture.Continue reading “Mug, Magazine, Brochure, CDs – The Monday Messy Office Report – May 12, 2014”

Big Name Preachers we love!

So who is your favorite Big Name Preacher??? Do you listen to any Big Name Preachers (BNPs) on TV?  Radio?  Online?  Podcasts? I hear people talking about Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Beth Moore and Charles Stanley.  A lot people have said they really like his son, Andy, too.  Who do you like?  I recently heardContinue reading “Big Name Preachers we love!”