That time the Apostle Paul talked about unpresentable parts

I really think there was a twinkle in his eye.  He wasn’t there when they read the letter, so I have to imagine that twinkle, and the corners of his mouth turning up as he grinned to himself thinking about when they would read this. They would get the letter, gather the group of followersContinue reading “That time the Apostle Paul talked about unpresentable parts”

Big Name Preachers we love!

So who is your favorite Big Name Preacher??? Do you listen to any Big Name Preachers (BNPs) on TV?  Radio?  Online?  Podcasts? I hear people talking about Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Beth Moore and Charles Stanley.  A lot people have said they really like his son, Andy, too.  Who do you like?  I recently heardContinue reading “Big Name Preachers we love!”