How God feels about sinners…even the worst ones!

Can God save the worst sinner ever?  Would he want to?  You and I might not feel like the worst sinners ever in history, but we can often feel pretty guilty about our bad choices.  In the middle of the guilt, we wonder, “How does God feel about us when we have screwed up?” AsContinue reading “How God feels about sinners…even the worst ones!”

How to completely fail as a church

How would you feel if someone told you that you completely failed?  In your job?  In parenting?  On a project?  A test? Think about the what you have been investing your life in recently.  What if someone close to you, a best friend maybe, took a look at your work and said “you’ve completely failed.”Continue reading “How to completely fail as a church”

Stories of Restoration, Part 1 – Joel & Michelle

When I started as pastor of Faith Church, I remember standing before the congregation most Sundays thinking to myself, Look at all those smiling faces, those well-dressed people.  They don’t need to hear this sermon.  My feeling has long been described by the phrase “you’re preaching to the choir”. Five years has passed, and myContinue reading “Stories of Restoration, Part 1 – Joel & Michelle”