How to live Christianly in the world – Titus 3:1-8, Part 2

In the first post in this series on Titus 3:1-8, I introduced the series saying that so often we Christians talk about the good news of Jesus by focusing on its implications for life after death. While it does apply to the eternal realm for sure, what we notice in a letter like Titus, isContinue reading “How to live Christianly in the world – Titus 3:1-8, Part 2”

Practices for a blessed life [Deuteronomy 26-28]

Today we’re talking about practice.  At the time of the interview above, Allen Iverson was taking heat for skipping practice.  We’re going to find that being committed to practice can save us from a whole bundle of trouble. Turn to Deuteronomy.26:16-19.  This little section at the end of chapter 26 will transition us to theContinue reading “Practices for a blessed life [Deuteronomy 26-28]”