Spotting deceivers in the church – Titus 1:10-16, Part 1

“They didn’t teach that in seminary.”  I had a wonderful seminary experience, and I would recommend my seminary to anyone. But there are some aspects of pastoral ministry that you just have to experience, and it is about those that pastors can say, “they didn’t teach that in seminary.” Dealing with funerals.  The emotional toll. Continue reading “Spotting deceivers in the church – Titus 1:10-16, Part 1”

How to handle confrontation

Spies, taxes, a woman with seven husbands, and the most intelligent man in the world. That pretty much sums up the next story in our ongoing series on Luke’s Gospel, which you can read about in Luke 20:20-40.  In the story, Jesus is in the final days of his life, and he has bunkered downContinue reading “How to handle confrontation”