Three practices to overcome fear – Characters: David & Goliath, Part 5

In this series of posts about the story of David and Goliath, we have seen the Israelite army running in fear from the intimidating giant, Goliath. To best understand the question I am going to ask next, I encourage you to go back and read at least the previous post, if not all four, staringContinue reading “Three practices to overcome fear – Characters: David & Goliath, Part 5”

How faith works – Philemon 1-7, Part 3

Have you wondered how faith works? What is faith? I long ago heard that faith is like sitting in a chair. You sit down, believing and trusting that the chair will hold you up. Of course, the chair might be poorly built, and when you sit on it, the chair breaks apart and you fallContinue reading “How faith works – Philemon 1-7, Part 3”

When trusting in God is scary [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 5]

What will really change the heart of humanity?  Fighting wars?  No!  Only Jesus. So what does trust in God look like when we are faced with strife in our world?  Christians should be known as a people who pray deeply for and strive for peace.  We should love our enemies.  We should seek to shareContinue reading “When trusting in God is scary [Christians & War – Deuteronomy 20, part 5]”

4 pieces of advice to those who are suffering

Have you ever suffered specifically because you are a Christian?  I don’t know that I have, at least not in ways that would be considered significant suffering, or suffering that led to bodily harm or loss of opportunity or privilege.  Yesterday, I related a story from author Scot McKnight who counseled a teenager who didContinue reading “4 pieces of advice to those who are suffering”

One word for the hopeless – Luke 8:40-56

Do you feel hopeless, discouraged or powerless? This past Sunday we looked at two people who seemed to be powerless and hopeless.  But with one word their lives changed radically.  What one word could make such a difference? Jesus calmed the storm with a word. He defeated demons with a word.  In our next sectionContinue reading “One word for the hopeless – Luke 8:40-56”

Questioning Jesus – Luke 7:18-35

In our study of Luke’s Gospel, our next story reintroduces us to a guy who was feeling confused about who Jesus is.  He is doubting Jesus.  Jesus used to be very real to him.  But now it seems that Jesus has gone away. That doubting guy?  You’ve met him before.  Maybe you know him quiteContinue reading “Questioning Jesus – Luke 7:18-35”