What does it really mean to follow Jesus? Luke 14:25-35

Just as the military recruiter had a wonderful offer for me, to be a chaplain, Jesus has an offer for you: Are you interested in being his disciple?  And just as I had to consider how becoming a military chaplain would affect my family and my church, Jesus says that before becoming his disciple, weContinue reading “What does it really mean to follow Jesus? Luke 14:25-35”

Are you infected with MTD? – Luke 9:18-27

Many are infected and don’t know it.  The virus is MTD.  What is MTD?  Read on to find out, and how Jesus responds to MTD.  After allowing Peter to answer the question “Who do you say that I am?” with the words “You are the Christ/Messiah of God”, Jesus goes on to say two veryContinue reading “Are you infected with MTD? – Luke 9:18-27”