Blinded by our assumptions about God?

19 Sep

Sometimes we get so stuck in a way of seeing things, that we can’t see them any other way. Check out this clip for a recent example of how stuck we can get:

See that? People were given a phone from 8 years ago, told that it was the newest version of the phone, and they couldn’t see it any other way. It doesn’t matter that the technology has changed a lot in 8 years, faster processors, higher resolution displays, lighter, thinner phones. Those people could not see any of that. Why? They were blinded by their assumptions. They were told they were receiving the newest phone, and that’s all they could see.

I wonder if we are like this with God. I wonder if we have him all figured out. But what if God is different from what we think?

Tomorrow at Faith Church as we continue our study in Luke, we’re going to find some people who think they have things figured out. They’re about to be surprised. The people are the disciples. 9 of them at least.

If you want to prepare for the sermon, read Luke 9:37-45, and we welcome you to join us at Faith Church.

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