How to get out of a spiritual rut – Luke 9:37-45

I asked last week in the intro post if you might be blinded by your assumptions about God.  Sometimes we can get stuck in spiritual rut, and in that rut we can’t see God for who he really is. In the passage we studied this past Sunday, Luke 9:37-45, the disciples were stuck.  The nineContinue reading “How to get out of a spiritual rut – Luke 9:37-45”

Blinded by our assumptions about God?

Sometimes we get so stuck in a way of seeing things, that we can’t see them any other way. Check out this clip for a recent example of how stuck we can get: See that? People were given a phone from 8 years ago, told that it was the newest version of the phone, andContinue reading “Blinded by our assumptions about God?”