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Church Has Left The Building recap

20 May

On Sunday May 17, Faith Church left it’s building!  It was an incredible morning.  My group (below) went to Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services, the local social services organization started by area churches to provide free food and clothing to residents in need.  It is an awesome place sharing love in the name of Jesus.  We cleaned floors, bathrooms, shelves, clothing racks, sorted celery and potatoes, and had a blast throwing packs of paper products around!

Other groups were cleaning up the principal’s serenity garden at Smoketown Elementary School, mulching at East Lampeter Community Park…

Yes, that is a newborn in that pouch!


…washing East Lampeter Township Police vehicles at Highland Car Wash, taking a mini-worship service to one of our home-bound members, providing childcare at the church building, and finally we had a group doing food prep for our celebration lunch afterward.  It was a great day of worshiping by serving!

It is so fascinating how we tend to compartmentalize worship as something that happens in the sanctuary (room) of our church building.  Usually it includes singing songs, preaching, giving and prayer.  But this past Sunday we truly worshiped by serving the community.  That’s a reminder that God wants to transform us into people who have hearts of worship 24-7.

Follow Up to Church Has Left The Building…Again

8 Oct

We did it again!

Instead of having a worship service, we worshipped by serving:

  • Washing the East Lampeter police department’s vehicles
  • Two groups visiting shut-ins, bringing the worship service to them!
  • Planting trees at East Lampeter Community park
  • Cleaning up the entrance to Smoketown elementary school
  • Childcare
  • Helping neighbors with yard work
  • Cleaning up the Leola Home of Hope
  • Food preparation

It was an awesome morning.  So encouraging to see the church being the church!  Feel free to comment and share what the morning meant to you.

We eventually just ripped it out with our bare hands.

We eventually just ripped it out with our bare hands.

Steve and Phil roll a "carpet" weeds off of a garden.

Steve and Phil roll a “carpet” weeds off of a garden.

This Church Will Leave The Building…Again!

4 Oct

One year ago we displayed a phrase on our church sign: “This Church Will Leave The Building, October 7th”.

While we wanted to put a teaser out there to the community, we had no idea that short message would create such a stir.  Neighbors asked us what was happening.  The local police department stopped by concerned.  We even had two offers from other congregations interested in buying our building, assuming we were leaving for good.  Then an article came out in our local newspaper, and people finally got it.  We were leaving our building for a couple hours one Sunday morning.  Instead of having a worship service, we were going to worship by serving the community.  Our first Church Has Left The Building was awesome.  Read all about it here.

This coming Sunday morning, we’re leaving the building again.  We had another article in our local paper, because this time we asked people in our community to let us know how we could help them.  Two people responded!  We’re going to have a work crew worship the Lord by helping these two.  We’ll also have teams washing police cars, cleaning up the school, planting trees at the park, cleaning at Homes of Hope, and taking worship to some of our shut-in members.

Then we’ll return to church at noon for a celebration meal!  I can’t wait.

Maybe in preparation, you might want to comment below what CHLTB meant to you last year or what you are looking forward to, during CHLTB, this year!