Finding God in our mess – Characters: Joseph, Part 3

Life can feel so messy. Have you ever been in one those the seasons of life where it seems like things keep going wrong? Just when you think you are getting past one hurdle, here comes another one. You jump one, then two, and you barely make it over the third, and you’re so tired,Continue reading “Finding God in our mess – Characters: Joseph, Part 3”

How to transform your life from useless to useful – Philemon 8-25, Part 2

Have you ever felt useless in life? Maybe you watch others around you, friends and family, and it seems they are successful, advancing, making a difference in the world, enjoying life. Then you think about your life, and maybe you see a past littered with failure, broken relationships, and poor choices. Even if that describesContinue reading “How to transform your life from useless to useful – Philemon 8-25, Part 2”

Do you have relationships that need rehab?

Do you have any people in your life that you feel are just hard to get along with?  Think about the people in your family.  Any family members rub you the wrong way?  What about school?  Is there a person that you really struggle with?  Maybe that classmate, when you see that they are inContinue reading “Do you have relationships that need rehab?”

Finding healing for a broken relationship – 1st Corinthians 7:10-16

How many of you have been impacted by divorce?  Separation?  During the sermon on Sunday I interviewed two couples from Faith Church, each of which had one spouse that was previously divorced.  I was so thankful for their courage and vulnerability to stand in front of a roomful of people and talk about the painfulContinue reading “Finding healing for a broken relationship – 1st Corinthians 7:10-16”

Guest Post: Why We Tell Our Stories

Today’s guest post is once again written by Lisa Bartelt as a follow-up to last week’s post.  We thank Lisa and her husband Phil for sharing their lives with us!   The past two Sundays at Faith Church, we’ve shared stories of restoration. Personal stories from the teaching team of how God has taken broken,Continue reading “Guest Post: Why We Tell Our Stories”

Ever feel like you need restoration?

Ever have that feeling that things are not right? That life is harder than it should be? Ever think about how Jesus said that he came that we might have abundant life?  Life to the full?  And then have you felt like your life is not exactly feeling abundant? Maybe it’s the stress of ourContinue reading “Ever feel like you need restoration?”