The Crown and how to have love that endures – Honest Advent Week 2, Part 5

My wife, Michelle, and I recently watched season 4 of The Crown on Netflix, a show about the current monarchy in England.  The more I watch that show, the more I think it should be called “The Marriage.”  Most of the central story lines are deeply affected by the various marriages of the characters.  NotContinue reading “The Crown and how to have love that endures – Honest Advent Week 2, Part 5”

Is America the hope of the world?

About a year ago during his bid to unseat Barack Obama as President of the USA, former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney, said this. How do you feel about what he said? What I came to learn as I was researching this post, is that Romney was actually quoting Abraham Lincoln.  It was a phrase thatContinue reading “Is America the hope of the world?”

Guest Post: What is the hope of the world?

Today we welcome Brandon Hershey as a guest on the blog.   One of my best friends, Brandon and I go on long distance runs together, and he always wins!  He and his wife, Kristen, have a daughter, Mya.  Professionally, Brandon teaches high school English. For the past six years he has been Faith Church’s MinistryContinue reading “Guest Post: What is the hope of the world?”