That time I accidentally said “fart” in my State of Faith Church sermon…and some other things as well

As I mentioned last week, this past Sunday I gave my State of the Church address.  As you’ll read below I talked about discipleship and simplicity, but also farts.  Yeah, you read that title right.  Farts.  But I didn’t talk about it on purpose.  Fast forward to minute 19:00, and listen in from there.  RightContinue reading “That time I accidentally said “fart” in my State of Faith Church sermon…and some other things as well”

The State of Faith Church

This coming Sunday I give my next State of the Church sermon.  I am excited about 2014, and equally so about 2015! 2014 has been a wonderful year. We have seen attendance increase and giving keep pace with the budget, but numbers don’t always tell us about health. A church might actually get healthier byContinue reading “The State of Faith Church”

Follow up to “Frustrated with Outreach?”

Outreach. The word itself is a picture, an out-stretched set of arms with a hand ready to help a person in need. In the summer of 2005 we took a group of students and adults to Kingston, Jamaica, where we had previously lived/served in 2000-2001.  It was wonderful to be back, renew friendships, help aContinue reading “Follow up to “Frustrated with Outreach?””

Are you frustrated with outreach?

I am VERY frustrated about the topic of outreach.  Each week at Faith Church we have two sermon discussions groups.  One 10 days before the sermon, with the goal of preparing, and one immediately after the sermon, with the goal of answering questions and making application. The first one is called sermon roundtable, and IContinue reading “Are you frustrated with outreach?”

Follow up to “If Jesus had a scorecard…”

We had a great sermon discussion yesterday, with lots of people sharing about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. So let’s continue the discussion.  One of the things that concerns me is that we can get excited discussion things for an hour or so on Sunday, but then the busyness of theContinue reading “Follow up to “If Jesus had a scorecard…””

Do we need to stop singing in worship?

On Sunday we start a new sermon series based on our church mission statement: Loving God, Loving People.  I bet a bajillion churches have that exact same statement, but that doesn’t worry us much.  We had a fairly long strategic planning initiative a few years ago that led us to creating that statement.  Based onContinue reading “Do we need to stop singing in worship?”