Is it okay to give up on some people? – Acts 18, Part 2

Have you heard the words, “There is no hope for them”? Maybe you were the one saying those words or a phrase like it. Maybe someone said it about you. Often we say these words about a person who has a pattern of making bad choices, or a stubborn streak, and they seem unteachable, unreachableContinue reading “Is it okay to give up on some people? – Acts 18, Part 2”

What is the status of your relationship?

Facebook has made relationship status a big deal in our culture.  What is your status?  Single, Dating, Engaged, Married, Separated, Divorced?  Sometimes that status changes, and sometimes it is painful. So how is your relationship going?  Is your marriage thriving?  How are you and your spouse doing?  Are you struggling?  Are you single?  Wondering ifContinue reading “What is the status of your relationship?”