The first revival (and could revival happen again?) – Acts 2, Part 3

Revival. What is it? We sometimes talk about a revival of a old musical production. Or a person that stops breathing, but is revived through CPR. Revival is the breathing of new life into something that is dead or dying. And while there is physical revival, as we continue studying Acts 2, we’ve come toContinue reading “The first revival (and could revival happen again?) – Acts 2, Part 3”

How the godly fall – Characters: Samson, Part 2

A fall from grace. Maybe you’ve experienced it. Or maybe another’s fall has affected you. There have been a number of high profile such failures, and countless more lower profile examples that don’t get reported in the news. No matter the situation, they impact people deeply, leaving us wonder, “How did that happen?” Parents splitContinue reading “How the godly fall – Characters: Samson, Part 2”

How repentance is actually beautiful – Luke 3:1-20

The word “repent” conjurs up horrible images.  Awful, judgmental images.  Hellfire and brimstone preachers. They scare me. How could “repent” be anything but an ugly word? This past Sunday we studied John the Baptist.  You can check out the sermon here.  It was looking at Luke 1:80 briefly and then Luke 3:1-20. Luke records JohnContinue reading “How repentance is actually beautiful – Luke 3:1-20”