Distraction from the main thing – Characters: David & Goliath, Part 2

Have you ever had this happen: you’re in the office drafting an email about an rather tricky interpersonal relationship in your company, and you have a flash of brilliance. You’re about to solve the problem. As you’re typing your thoughts, the phone rings. You answer it, and the call lasts for a few minutes. That’sContinue reading “Distraction from the main thing – Characters: David & Goliath, Part 2”

Two things Christians should fight for

Paul tells Timothy to fight the good fight.  Generally Christians are not supposed to be fighting.  So what fight is Paul talking about?  He calls it a good fight.  Not too many fights could be described as good ones. Life can feel like a fight.  Have you ever felt that way?  Life seems too hard sometimes doesn’tContinue reading “Two things Christians should fight for”