You might be an impostor and not even know it – Jude 1-16, Part 5

All week long in this series of posts on Jude 1-16, we’ve been reading this ancient letter in which Jude reveals to the Christians that they have ungodly impostors in their church. Are you an impostor? No? Are you sure? Is it possible that there might be some small way you are living an inconsistentContinue reading “You might be an impostor and not even know it – Jude 1-16, Part 5”

How’s your heart? – Jude 1-16, Part 3

How is your heart? We normally think of this question in medical terms. But in this post, think about your heart in spiritual terms. Does God have your heart? In this series of posts on the first 16 verses of the ancient letter called Jude, we’ve been learning that Jude was writing to Christians toContinue reading “How’s your heart? – Jude 1-16, Part 3”

How to eat media

Last week I said that a college Shakespeare class and the movie Dumb & Dumber helped me change my mind about media.  I thought I had this media thing all figured out when I was a teen.  I was confident that there was no way it was affecting me.  But as an adult I haveContinue reading “How to eat media”