The time our church was accused with the words: “That’s not worship!”

“That’s not worship.” The person speaking the words was really frustrated at our church. They were talking about a change we made to our worship service.  In that person’s view, the change had turned our worship service into something that was not worship. What change could we make that would take a worship service andContinue reading “The time our church was accused with the words: “That’s not worship!””

Is Sola Scriptura broken? (or Can we really read the Bible and hear from God?)

When you read the Bible, do you think that God will speak to you through it?  How do you know that you will understand it properly?  What if God wants to tell you X and you believe he said Y? Does Sola Scriptura mean that any Christian can just open up the Scriptures and understandContinue reading “Is Sola Scriptura broken? (or Can we really read the Bible and hear from God?)”

Do you feel intimidated by the Bible?

This Sunday we continue our summer sermon series called Spiritual Exercises.  Last week we looked at How to Pray.  This week we are focusing on How to Read the Bible. But the Bible can be very intimidating.  It is huge.  When we talk about reading a novel, we think in terms of weeks.  Days, ifContinue reading “Do you feel intimidated by the Bible?”

Do we need to take global warming seriously?

This weekend we finish our series about Life in These United States.  We have been talking about what everyone is talking about.  I’ve enjoyed this series, though it has made me squirm from time to time!  But  as we conclude this series, we look forward to Advent.  Yes, Advent begins next week.  And during AdventContinue reading “Do we need to take global warming seriously?”

What does the Bible say about Sex?

I feel a bit like the parent who knows they ought and need to talk with their pubescent child about the birds and the bees, but because it is so awkward they procrastinate. Except this time, I’m talking to the church, an entire congregation, on a Sunday morning, about the birds and bees. Yeah, weContinue reading “What does the Bible say about Sex?”