Knowing and doing what God wants you to do…easy, right?

Did you ever wish God would visit you, in the body of Morgan Freeman, and tell you what he wants you to do? Like this. I have wished for that, even the Morgan Freeman part.  But it has never happened.  Well, not quite like that. Does God still speak?  In this past week’s sermon JamesContinue reading “Knowing and doing what God wants you to do…easy, right?”

Enemies of God, Friends with the world…or just sin management?

Thanks to those of you that joined us for the sermon discussion on Sunday, it was excellent!  Let’s keep the discussion going.  Have you been thinking more about what James wrote?  Post your comments below. As I have thought about the sermon, and all of James, one of my concerns is that you are gettingContinue reading “Enemies of God, Friends with the world…or just sin management?”

Read this to see if you have hidden pride!

I’m reading Rachel Held Evans‘ book (by the way, if you don’t follow her, you need to!) Evolving In Monkey Town: How A Girl Who Knew All The Answers Learned To Ask The Questions (Zondervan, 2010), and I just came to a great story she tells that illustrates well what James is talking about inContinue reading “Read this to see if you have hidden pride!”

July 1, 2012 – James 4:4-10 – Is God your enemy?

For our church newsletter and website, I write a brief introduction to each sermon.  My goal is to pique interest in the sermon.  Here’s what I wrote: Who are your enemies? Have you ever thought that God is your enemy? James says, even though you would strongly say “No”, you might be fooling yourself. GodContinue reading “July 1, 2012 – James 4:4-10 – Is God your enemy?”

A blog to discuss sermons and books

I am starting a blog. I am conflicted within about starting a blog. Why do I feel so uncomfortable about it?  Feelings aside, I paid for the blog.  Just as clicking the “Submit Payment” button on the marathon registration website led to months of training and ultimately a painfully wonderful four hours, I am hopingContinue reading “A blog to discuss sermons and books”