How to wait – Acts 1, Part 4

What are you waiting for? Waiting is hard. Are you waiting well? Or are you waiting poorly? What does waiting well look like? As we continue studying Acts 1, we’ve arrived at verses 12-14, where the disciples are waiting, and they show us how to wait well. After Jesus left them, we read that theyContinue reading “How to wait – Acts 1, Part 4”

Be determined in God’s direction – Characters: Jacob, Part 5

I love the picture above. Having done a good bit of running myself, I am always amazed at people who keep at into their older years. My grandfather participated in the Senior Games into his 90s, winning speed walking events. That is the picture of determination. In this series of posts we’ve been following theContinue reading “Be determined in God’s direction – Characters: Jacob, Part 5”

How to lament: keep holding on to God

This week we have been studying Psalm 126 which reminds us that when you plant seeds of sorrow, God can give you a harvest of joy. In my previous post, I talked about the difficulty of gardening, and how the psalmist uses that as a metaphor for life.  But after all the clearing, tilling, weeding, and watering,Continue reading “How to lament: keep holding on to God”