What Jesus wants his followers to do – Matthew 28, Part 4

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Do you ever wonder if you are doing what Jesus wants you to do? Have you felt confused or concerned that perhaps you aren’t doing the right thing? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us wonder, but often life is so busy, or we get stuck in a rut, that we don’t take the time to evaluate if we are doing what Jesus wants us to. If Jesus were to visit you, what would he tell you to do?

Our final scene change in Matthew’s account of the Easter story answers the question of what Jesus wants us to do.

After learning how Jesus rose to new life on that first Easter Sunday, we read in Matthew 28 verses 16-20 that Jesus appears to his disciples on a mountain in Galilee. What is striking about this section, first of all, is that finally the men are involved

Just like the women followers of Jesus, as we saw in the previous post, the disciples worship Jesus, and yet some of them doubt.  I appreciate how Matthew clearly depicts the humanity of the disciples. As the women had mixed emotions, joy and fear, the men are both worshiping and doubting.

Addressing their concern, Jesus starts by reassuring them, very similar to his first words to the women.  To the women he said, “Do not be afraid,” and now to the disciples he says, “All authority is given to me.”  With this comment about authority, Jesus reminds the men that He truly is the king.  If you are ever wondering on whose authority should you live, there is only one person who truly has all authority. Jesus.  It is authority, he tells the disciples, from heaven and earth.  Yes, there are other authorities here on earth, but they pale in comparison.  Jesus is the one true authority and if you want to know how to live, you will find the truth in him!

Notice the very next word, which starts verse 19: “therefore.”  Because he has authority, he now confers upon them a new mission. 

What is the new mission? Make disciples of all nations, baptizing them, teaching them all Jesus taught.  In other words, those 11 men are to do what Jesus did for them.  For the past three years, he made them into disciples and now they are be disciple-makers as well. Jesus gives his disciples what is called the Great Commission, “Men, tell my true story to everyone. We have a world to change!”

And what is more, his final words to them, as recorded by Matthew, are that he will be will them always!  We know this is true based on what we studied in Acts 2, when he sent his Spirit to live with them.

That’s what Jesus wants us to do, tell his story, helping others become his followers, thus transforming the world. How are you fulfilling the mission of Jesus in your life?

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