What to do in the middle of nonstop bad news – Matthew 28, Part 5

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I’m wondering if you’ve experienced an inner yearning lately for some good news. As I’m writing this, our world is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. Every day the news reports how many people have contracted the virus and how many people have died. This morning I watched the weekly CBS News morning show’s report on Fridays telling the life stories of five different people who passed away because of the virus. It is good to watch, and I’m very glad they’re not just focusing on celebrities. But inwardly I long for good news, especially for stories about a reduction is the number of new cases of the virus, or stories about the development of a vaccine. At this point, we have been through weeks and weeks of nearly nothing but bad news about the virus. I’ve gotten to the emotional place where I don’t want to turn on the news in the morning any more.

As we have seen this week, there are also two Easter stories, one bad and one good. One false and one true. We conclude this series of post by declaring that the resurrection of Jesus is true, and it makes a world of difference.  It is hope for a new way of life, the Jesus way of life – the best way of life.  Not a life of ease.  When we return to the sermon series in the book of Acts, we’ll observe how Jesus’ disciples lived out his way of life as they followed his mission.  They will show us how we too can make the Jesus story our story, living a life of goodness, walking in the ways of the one who modeled love, patience, kindness, sacrifice, selflessness. 

Just as he said he would always be with his disciples, by his Spirit he will walk with us through our lives, and over and over and over again he tells us “do not be afraid”.  Fix your eyes on him and all that he is.  Remember his goodness.  Remember his truth.  With him there is no need to fear.  We can always have hope.  We can always know we are not alone.      

That’s a good news story. 

My family and I have really enjoyed a new YouTube show that has been created since the virus shutdown.  It is called Some Good News hosted by the actor John Krasinski.  It is incredibly uplifting to hear stories of so many people doing so much good during this time of crisis. 

Here in Conestoga Valley I have a good news story to share.  It is the story of a man staying in a local hotel who called churches in the Ministerium this past week.  His wife has a serious medical condition and his work has been intermittent due to the shutdown.  So he could not pay his hotel bill every day.  Faith Church joined with other churches who were each paying one night for them.  That’s a story of abundant life in Jesus. 

Also, the Ministerium is working together to create a Go Fund Me campaign for people in need, and so far the community has raised thousands of dollars.  That’s another story of Christians helping out.  Christians we have some good news to share.

These good news stories are rooted in the ultimate good news story, that because Jesus is risen, there is hope. Whether life is filled with abundance, or whether is doused in pain, there is hope in Jesus. So let us choose to believe in him and follow his way of life.

If you’re wondering how to do that, I’d be glad to talk further. Just comment below, and let’s discuss it further!

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